Regulations for the
Annual Autumn Show 2024


 Exhibitors must submit entry forms on or before 7.00 pm on Wednesday 11th September 2024 with the appropriate entry fees:

        Open Classes : 20p per entry

        Members’ Classes : 15p per entry


No exhibitor may enter a Members’ Class unless he/she has been a paid-up member of the Club for three months prior to the date of the Show.


No exhibitor may enter into any Class:

  • any exhibit that has not been produced on or in land, glass house or buildings owned, leased by, or rented to the exhibitor for the purposes of horticulture;
  • any exhibit that has not been grown solely by the exhibitor for a period of two months prior to the date of the Show.  For Members’ Classes only, ‘exhibitor’ may include help, paid or otherwise, provided that it is not for more than five hours per week.

The Committee reserve the right to inspect any land, glass house, etc to ensure that this rule is strictly observed.


No person whose livelihood is obtained entirely through the commercial growing of produce may enter such produce in a Members’ Class.


No exhibitor may make more than one entry in any one Class.  No number of items may be exhibited for a prize in any Class other than as specified in this Schedule.


Where a Class or an Award specifies “under-18”, the entrant must be under 18 years of age on the Saturday of the Show.


Where a pot, container or tray size is specified, the measurement is taken to the inside edges at the rim.  For flower pots we accept the manufacturer’s marked size.  Measurements in mm or inches are equally acceptable.


A vase is any vessel that can be used to hold cut flowers that is taller than it is wide, at its widest part.  Exhibitors are expected to provide their own vases in all Classes where a vase is required.


For Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Chutneys, Classes 200 – 204, screw top jars must be used with metal screw-type lids.  There must be no commercial markings on the jar or lid.  Please note that screw-top jars must not be used for lemon curd, for which a waxed circle and cellophane are required.


Staging of exhibits will take place between 7.30 and 9.30 pm on Friday 13th September and between 7.45 and 10.45 am on Saturday 14th September 2024.

Note that entries for Class 177 (Bucket of Potatoes) must be at the Hall by 10.00 am.


Entry Cards corresponding to the Classes entered will be available from the Show Secretary on Friday evening and Saturday morning at the hall.


Wherever possible the variety(ies) exhibited should be named.


All exhibits must be staged ready for judging by 10.45 am on Saturday morning, when all persons other than members of the Committee and Officials must leave the hall.


Judging will take place under the rules of the Royal Horticultural Society, National Chrysanthemum Society and National Dahlia Society. 

Information about points and prizes to be awarded is set out below:

Special Classes

    1st          2nd         3rd

Classes 59, 60, 154, 174, 177 & 212

£3.00       £2.00      £1.00

Classes 173

£4.00       £3.00      £2.00

All Other Classes:

        Open Classes   

£2.00           1.30p         80p

        Members’ Classes

£1.30           80p         50p

Points for all Classes:

3 Points are awarded for a First

2 points for a Second

1 point for a Third


The Show will be open to the public from 2.00 to 5.00 pm on Saturday 14th and from 2.00 to 5.00 pm on Sunday 15th September 2024.


No exhibit shall be removed before the close of the Show on Sunday.  However, exhibitors should remove their exhibits as quickly as possible after 5.00 pm to allow the Hall to be cleared.  Any exhibits remaining after 5.30 pm may be disposed of by the Committee.


All cups, plates and trophies shall be competed for annually and will remain the property of the Club.  All cups, etc must be returned to the Club by end of July 2025.


The Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits or other property howsoever caused, but reasonable care will be exercised.


Any question of interpretation of these regulations, and any matter not provided for in these regulations, will be determined by the Committee.