Members' Flower Classes


102   One bloom, large, incurved or intermediate

103   One bloom, medium, incurved or intermediate

104   Three blooms, large, incurved or intermediate

105   Three blooms, medium, incurved or intermediate

106    One bloom, specimen, any variety

106A Three stems, spray, any one variety


107   One vase, three blooms, medium, any variety

108   One vase, one bloom, large or giant, any variety

109   One vase, five blooms, small, miniature or pom-pom, any variety

110    One bloom, specimen, any variety


111   One stem, single flowered

112   One stem, cluster flowered

113   One bloom for fragrance

113A One stem, any other cultivar


114   One spike, any variety


115   One plant for foliage, pot not to exceed 8″ (200 mm)

116  Cactus, or Cacti, or Succulents(s) in a pot not to exceed 6″ (150 mm)

117  One plant for bloom exc Begonias and Fuchsias, pot not to exceed 8″ (200 mm)

118  One Begonia (tuberous) for bloom, pot not to exceed 10″ (250 mm)


119   One plant, single or double, pot not to exceed 6″ (150 mm)

120  Two plants, pots not to exceed 4″ and 5″ (100 and 130 mm)

121  One plant, trained (standard, fan, etc), pot not to exceed 8″ (200 mm)


123  One vase, two varieties of Annuals, three stems of each

125  One vase, two varieties of Perennials, three stems of each 

126  One vase, Sunflowers, three stems, any one variety

127  One vase, Perennial Carnations, three blooms

128  Vase of (any number of) Cream and/or Pink and/or Red flowers

HANGING BASKETS – and other hanging containers – not exceeding 12″ (300mm) diameter

141  Fuchsias

142  Any plants other than Fuchsias, single variety

143  Mixed plants