Awards and Trophies

Major Awards

Wickham Market & District Garden Club Cup

Best Exhibit in Show

Lawrence Challenge Cup

Most points in Open Classes

Notcutt Challenge Cup

Most points in Members’ Horticultural Classes (Previous year’s winner excluded)

RHS Banksian Medal

Largest total prize money in this Schedule for Horticultural Classes (Previous two year’s winners excluded)

National Chrysanthemum Society:

    Silver Certificate

Best Exhibit in Open Classes

    Bronze Certificate

Best Exhibit in Members’ Classes

National Vegetable Society:

      Silver Medal

Best Vegetable Exhibit in Show

Other Awards:

Alan Airey Challenge Trophy

Best Exhibit in Members’ Vegetable Classes

Reg Barrett Memorial Cup

Winner of Class 173 (Collection of Vegetables)

Bill Booty Tankard

Most points in Chrysanthemum Classes (Previous year’s winner excluded)

Ken Clark Plate

Winner of Class 212 (‘The Kitchen Garden’)

Crittal Challenge Cup

Best Pot Plant in Show

Percy Dunnett Trophy

The Percy Dunett Trophy is awarded each year for a Members’ Class chosen by the Committee, which would not otherwise have an award. This will be a Flower Class one year and a Vegetable Class the next.

In 2023 the Percy Dunnett Trophy is awarded for Class 176, Chillies, three

D & P Hall Challenge Cup

Best Flower Exhibit in Show

Haspriel Trophy

Best Exhibit in Fruit Classes

Johnson Gourmet Goblet

Most points in Classes 200-211 (Kitchen Craft)

Jubilee Challenge Plate

Most points in Members’ Dahlia Classes (Classes 107-110, previous year’s winner excluded)

Fred Smith Trophy

Best Exhibit of Shallots

Jack Weeks Challenge Bowl

Best Exhibit in Members’ Cut-flower Classes, excluding Chrysanthemums and Dahlias

Whitfield Trophy

Best Exhibit in Fuchsia Classes

W & SH Williams Trophy

Best Exhibit of Leeks

Williams Spill Vase

Best Exhibit in Hanging Baskets and Containers (Classes 4, 141, 142 & 143)

Young Gardeners’ Award

Most points in the Schedule – for entrants under the age of 18 years on the Saturday of the Show

Previous Winners

You can find lists of winners in previous years here.